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It would be nice to have a live friend tracking function when on the trail. For example: my friends and I start out cycling together but after a while we get torn apart on the same trail. It would be nice to have a screen with a live 'ranking' where we could se how far we are ahead or behind each other. This way we can also see if one has stopped for changing a flat tire.



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  • As a safety feature some use Spot.  Also at endurance riding events (horses) keeping track of everyone in the race is essential for ride management. Usually drag riders are employed but if someone is off trail and lost that gets to be a big problem as they are not swept up by the drag riders.

  • Maybe set up voting buttons to get level of interest. For sure, this is still something I'd like to see added as a feature in Strava. There are still many users that don't have other devices to show location. This is also another more "fun" aspect to see where your friends are located. I could have used this when I became separated from the pack due to bike repair mid ride. I would have liked to see where my friends were located to catch up.

  • Please do this. If nothing else this is a safety feature for family members and friends who may become concerned when taking too long on the country lanes or the trails in the hills. It would also help with rendezvous when meeting someone part way. 

    Mom glad this seems to finally be getting some traction!

  • YES!!! Please add this feature! There is absolutely no reason whatsoever that this should not already be a feature of the app and site!  

    THANK YOU!!!

  • My wife just asked me to download a separate app specifically to know where I am while biking.  I do understand... she's worried... crashes can happen and while most routes for my group are are bike lanes and residential (90%+), there are some roads where we share the road with cars. It would be great if there was a live tracking feature to provide some piece of mind.  By the way, my regular group (2-3 spins/week) carries smartphones and "turns on their Strava" every time.

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  • A profile setting on my account would declare if I want Live Tracking to be enabled.

    If enabled, I would then like to be able to grant an "View Live Tracking" permission to specific Strava users.

    In this way, I can grant my wife, and just my wife, permission to 'real time' data for all rides without me having to remember to activate it ride by ride.

    The Strava website and/or App remains the natural central access point for Strava data, giving not only "how did I do?", but "how is he doing?" as well.

  • yes please add this.  i have just had to install another app to use when I am out because my family want to know where I'm up to on my rides (both for the enjoyment of following my progress sometimes and for safety at all times).

    I think it should be a privacy controllable setting perhaps allowing the live feed to be disclosed on the vanity url to users registered or logged in or with a "follow me" login or something.

    It would also be great for locating others we ride with for meeting up, catching up or dispersing on longer rides as has been mentioned many times.


  • I'm not sure how this is even a question still, or not implemented already... that sounds snarky, but it's clear by the feedback that there is much demand for this feature.  Like so many here I am currently looking for something to keep my wife updated on my location.  Please make this happen!

  • And as someone said before, I also would upgrade to Premium immediately to have this feature if it were Premium-only.

  • Must be some technical challenges - I guess to do with scale. I am using RoadID eCrumb app in the background with Strava as usual. This works really well and despite probably adding additional battery load I gave to say this app solves the problem in the mean time. My wife and kids can see a live track at home with a single click from an sms and/or email sent automatically to a contact list when I start. Very well implemented. 

    Just part of the mix I guess for the moment. 

  • Spouses would appreciate this feature quite a lot. Definitely a good safety feature, especially on long rides. I thought this was already a feature on Strava and was about to upgrade to premium to use it.

  • My wife would let me pay for the premium subscription if it would allow her to live track my location to make sure I haven't been run over by a truck while out on my bike.

  • I see it the same way, it would be a practical feature for safety reasons, so someone can track you while you are riding alone. 

  • This would be a fantastic idea. There are other pieces of hardware that do this like garmin connect for example , and thus would be a fantastic addition to an already great app

  • Hello Strava,

    I personally would love to give my friends and family the option to see where I am. My friends can see what I am planning and may be able to catch me and follow me and my amily has the option to see where I am and have a good feeling that everything is on track and nothing happened. This option should not only include where I am, it should also giv e the chance to see, if i I selected to follow a route and which one.

  • Great ideas and look forward to seeing it come live. I plan on upgrading to the Garmin 520 and think that with Bluetooth connectivity the 520 would be able to update the location etc. at this stage I send my wife a link from the app "Glympse" which gives me four hours of live location data.

  • Shane Arnold. If you buy a Garmin, the Garmin Mobile app already has a Live Track feature.

  • I have been live tracking with my Garmin Edge 810 , and  Ride with GPS  , on my Android phone , both running, both live tracking at the same time for more than 2 years now. Why bother with Strava  ? 

  • Well tbh I'm stoked with the live tracking and safety measures from myRoadID/eCrumb but to have a fully developed live feature built into your athlete's page on Strava and app integration will almost certainly see me using it. All these use battery and even with the 6s+ I would prefer to only run Strava as I don't use any other computer etc.
    certainly it won't be for everyone but I personally feel consolidating these essential features into the one app would be great.

  • This is a great idea. I would love to see this feature.

  • I think it would be a good idea to share my GPS tracking in real time, for our safety and for the family knows where we are. The most important is the safety! 
    Can only see somebody who I allow.

  • Hi I am doing a 24 hour cycle in a few weeks, if I go premium, is there a way my wife can track where I am at home?



  • Hi Mark, there isn't a way within strava. There are many other applications that let you do that though. A few have been mentioned here before in this thread. The only one I know for sure is sportstracklive, but that is Android OS only. If I recall correctly some of the others that do it on Apple are endomondo, and ride with GPS. Make sure you have extra portable power.

  • Here's another reason to have live tracking. My wife and a friend were riding in the mountains both using Strava. Her friend's phone got lost somewhere along their ride. If they would have had live tracking my wife could have used her phone to find her friend's phone.


  • That's great to know: where do I vote to have this move higher up on your development roadmap and how do I find out as soon as it is in Beta so I can test it out?

  • Def need a way to track Strava followers and allow them to track you live - a great safety and peace-of-mind feature for those at home or those worried about you.

  • Live tracking would be an excellent safety feature, especially for my partner, as I recently had a heart attack.

  • I live in an urban area and I use the RoadID app and it is easy for my husband since he doesn't want to have to use an app like RunKeeper's live broadcast function. The RoadID app sends him a text with a link to a BROWSER map that refreshes every minute. Currently, my iPhone battery gets sapped during long long runs using RoadID and Strava along with listening to Spotify or Podcasts. So if I have to choose, I will skip statistically tracking my run with Strava and use RoadID tracking for my safety. I would definitely "Go Premium" if this safety feature was available. BTW, I do like that Strava allows me to hide the area around my house on my published routes.

  • Live tracking should be must for Strava since there are 3rd party applications that could somewhat do that.