Personal Best Segment Achievements from your last 10 Activities

After years of using Strava from where you live, it happens that it is not possible anymore to get new achievements. But after a rest, we would be pleased to see our progress on the segment, even if the performance is not as good as the previous years/periods of training.

I would thus propose a new kind of personal achievement. If the performance is the best of your last 10 rides, you would get an achievement "Personal Best of last 10" (PB10).

This way, each time you restart a training period, you could see your continuous progress, until you reach your maximum and potentially meet a PR on the segment.



  • I agree with you! Also there are differences in weather conditions during the year that affects how fast you can go. I am slower in snow! It would have been nice to supplement with a personal best for the past week, month and year.

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  • I agree with this too.  I think it would be great if it did the best of last 10, or maybe a filter that shows best of last 1yr, 2 yrs, 3 yrs, etc.  I know there are times from 5 years ago that I will never beat.  I support this functionality if you could add it in.  

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