Make Route from an Existing Ride

It's much easier to add a route to the My Routes area by simply converting a completed ride to a route. Several other programs do this. Moreover, this would allow for easily sharing rides you've done with others.



  • This would be an awesome addition, especially when  considering off road routes that arent easy to map!

  • Yes please!

  • Yes indeed. At the same time it would be useful to include the feature to add a route from an existing .GPX file.

  • top of my wish list

  • Agreed. Also, sorry if you can already do this and I've missed it, but would be great to add someone else's route to My Routes when looking at an activity they have completed. 

  • This feature already exists ,but is very crappy . 

    There is no one ride which I convert to route and it mess all path. 

    The strava staff should consider the MapMyRide web site , they route editor is awesome... works very well...  please check it and get inspired!!!!

  • Add to that it would be really useful to upload a route (as a GPX) that someone else has ridden so that you could modify that route (if you didn't like the original or wanted to simply change some elements) and save the new route to Your Routes. At present uploading a GPX is seen as a route you road. I just want to use a friends route to make a new one and 'tweak' it to try a variation. Is that on the cards guys? 


  • +1

  • Yes! For sure!

  • yes please

  • Bafffing this does not exist. Do the developers even work out at all or speak with users?