Strava for tracking your Nutrition/Food

I wanted to drop a suggestion into the suggestion box: I would love to see a nutritional aspect to the website. I'm sure being as awesome as you already are takes up a lot of time, energy, resources and money but I think a nutritional aspect to the website would complete the Strava picture nicely.

Livestrong's "MyPlate" is what I use at the moment, purely because it has an app which I can update "on the go". I think, based on the fine work Strava have already done, that you could definitely do better!

Anyway - just a suggestion.

Thanks and keep up the good work!




  • I think it would be great to add a nutrition aspect to Strava.  You could connect with nutrition departments at universities, corporate, hospital, and city governments.  Many times, their clients wouldn't think to use Strava if they aren't big on running, biking, etc.  They may not see themselves as sporty even.  However, many of these nutrition programs are looking for a platform for their participants to log nutrition and daily exercise.  Walking 20 minutes a day, posting it on social media and being rewarded with badges would make good incentive for them to keep it up.

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  • I just started using Strava after using MMR since 2008...only because the people I cycle with use Strava. However, I'm super disappointed that you can't track your nutrition in this software. Seems like table stakes to me after using MMR for this for so many years. Me thinks I'll head back to MMR. I really wanted to like Strava, but I don't want to lose out on the functionality of MMR. Plus MMR is $20 less per year...

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  • I am with all of the above. I actually paid for Strava and will again works seamlessly with everything. I would love to see what you guys would bring to a calorie / nutrition. App

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