Improve display of Logged-out Activity pages when Sharing



I just started using Strava after having tried Garmin Connect, Runtastic and Ridewithgps. All of those have some flaws, thats why I like's pretty much flawless. Almost. :-/

I have a lot of friends that don't use GPS devices (yet), or still use one of the above mentioned sites. When sharing an activity to one of them (e.g. by supplying the URL), they only see a very limited representation of my actual ride data, as they're no members. Where the Analysis page of my activity contains a detailed data summary, as well as awesome Elevation, Speed, Est. Power and Heartrate plots, the "shared" page only shows some basic data and an elevation plot.

For me, that's a deal breaker :-/ If you have additional equipment (e.g. heartrate strap) and like statistics, you actually want to show this stuff to your friends as well, and not force them to register at Strava to see the data. For all of the above mentioned sites, a shared activity contains all of the data that I would see myself.

I just don't get the reason behind crippling the data representation of a shared activity, when your analysis page is so superior compared to the other sites. If non-members would actually see that Analysis page, or maybe even a subset of it (i.e. static charts instead of dynamic ones), I think that quite a few would get interested in this site and try it out. In the current state they assume that this is "all the data there is", so why register.

If it's a privacy issue, you could add a preference to decide which data should be shown when watching your activity as a non-member.


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  • Thanks for the feedback Sebastian! 

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  • Hi,

    Sebastian brings a valid point, and I think the most important thing here is the map zooming - whenever I am sharing an activity with people, they can't zoom the map to see exactly where I've been, which is a pity! 

    Is there a reason the shared map is not zoomable? Each user can set their privacy zone, so that is out of the question.

    When are you planning to make this availalble?



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