Show both Cycling and Running Gear on Profile Page

I'd like my profile page to always show all my gear for cycling and running. Basically I like to do both activities.

I worked out a while ago that changing your "Default Sport" in your settings from Cycling to Running controls whether your profile will show the Bikes or Running Shoes section under the Share Your Rides section, but I'd prefer not to pick one and have to dig into settings to see km for the other.

Edit: If you don't want another section, maybe move the gear list into the My Stats section, then switching between the Cycling and Running toggle buttons could switch the gear list by the chosen activity type.



  • Yep, either show both, or move the gear up into the My Stats section and have it switch between the two sets of gear when you press the Cycling or Running buttons. It's just a bit annoying as it is now where you can only see the gear from the athlete's default sport...

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