Flag a specific Hazard by location rather than an entire Segment

The current system of flagging a segment as hazardous doesn't prevent another user from creating an identical or similar segment through the same hazard. This results in a large number of segments that are endlessly flagged, then recreated, then flagged again, which clog up your activity report with junk segments. 

It might work better if users marked the actual hazard, such as a junction or traffic lights. Then implement a feature where you can't create a segment that traverses a marked hazard. 



  • That is a really really brilliant idea. 

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  • We've released some changes to the Segment Flag system on Strava.

    Please check on a segment currently flagged as Hazardous to see the new options available. You'll also see changes to the flow for creating a new hazard segment flag, which allow users to report issues other than a segment hazard. 

    I'd appreciate all feedback about the hazard segment flag updates to be posted to this product feedback forum:


    Thanks, and I look forward to your comments! 

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