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Most top times are done whilst group cycling. If segment times are recorded starting and finishing within 2 or 3 seconds of each other you know the riders have been drafting each other and could be tagged as such. It would be useful to filter out these drafted results to leave solo rides.



  • That is a great suggestion that would also sort out issues arising when a couple of riders have drafted a single rider for 30kms and get the KOM in his place. As it just happened to me on a 200kms ride this sunday. Unfortunately there is no way out of this but to appeal to people sens of ethics, which can be very variable depending the individuals.  

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  • Just give us a check box to indicate group vs. solo. Yes, it still relies on individuals' ethical sensibilities but hopefully the majority of us use them more for personal growth than fake bragging rights. I mean, not everyone uses EPO, right? LOL!

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  • Agree.  There is a large discussion and huge number of votes on an earlier post asking for the same here:

    Continue the push there :)


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  • Now Strava easily can do this... but still are privating the solo riders of any motivation.

    So you have to fight against, teams doing timetrial, and maybe a professional cyclists peloton in a competition.

    Good luck... ;)

    (ridiculous... but still as that)

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