Personal best: Cooper test

I searched the knowledge base and couldn't find anything on a cooper test yet. If this is already suggested, then please give me a link to the topic and remove this one.

This idea is about calculating your personal best on a Cooper test. The Cooper test is used to measure someones physical fitness. I think it would be a great addition if I can see how my fitness develops over time. 

Currently I can find my personal best on several distances. Strava determines which part of the run (or ride) was the fastest for a specific distance. The Cooper test is about the longest distance that is covered in a specific time (12 minutes). 

The same calculation method could be used to determine the longest distance for an hour ride (cycling), which is for many cyclers also  interesting. 






  • Yeah, that would really be a great addition... not much different from the fixed distance check.... shouldn't be much different to develop

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  • I support this idea. +removing wrong records if i have to on halfmarathon race go into tunnel. (shorter estimated records and 12min can be affected)

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