Ability to share private routes

I have some private routes, but I want to be able to share them with a few close friends. If I send them the link, they can't view the route (as expected). Would be nice if there was a shareable link/option I could send them (e.g. an unguessable long URL).



  • For anyone still looking...

    Here's a reasonably quick/painless workaround: 

    Via the web app, click the 'Duplicate' button and then re-save it - just make sure to uncheck that padlock! 


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  • Hello Strava,

    I tried to share a private route/segment of mine with a friend on strava for the first time today.  I am actually struggling to believe there isn't a way to this!  Then I found this thread and it seems to be the oldest and longest thread on the board.

    Talk about a limiting feature - it almost makes me think, what is the point in a club if you can't share club routes and compare with club mates?  Or have a competition with a friend on a personal segment?  Not to mention the obvious safety benefits of your nearest and dearest knowing where you have gone or the whole public community (honest as I'm sure the majority are) knowing roughly where you keep your expensive toys!

    Have been enjoying strava but can't see myself upgrading to premium without some basic implementation.  Did someone say mapmyride allows this feature?

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  • The way I share a route is not so straight forward, but nevertheless, it seems to work. I export my Route as a .gpx file and email it to the person I want to share with. They use Strava Labs to import the gpx file (note that long file names will cause an error) using this link.


    This will bring the gpx file into Strava Labs. Then you have to Connect to your Strava Account (shown in the box on the left). This should bring the imported route into your list of Routes.

    It would be nice if Strava had a more direct way to do this.


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  • Can't believe I found such an old post with such a seemingly easy-to-implement idea! This would be great for small groups of friends who like to cycle together but don't want the world to see their routes... Even if it were via a private group that could share routes, that would be great.

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  • WOW!!! this has been commented on since 2014 and Strava has not even cared to comment!

    This tells you all you need to know about a company...

    Very disappointing!

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  • There are many people who would like to share a map with an elderly grandparent.

    Strava, do you expect them to set up an account?

    Or, if they're too old to be customers, do they no longer matter?


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  • Have Strava replied to this at all? Seems a little strange that you can't invite someone to view a private route. You can invite people to try a segment.

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  • I found this post by googling how to share routes. I want to go on a route with someone and wanted to share the route I made with them beforehand and with a couple of non strava people so they know where we head out. No way to do it? Why?

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  • Hi All,

    the only way I made it is with STRAVA Lab.

    This is how I managed:

    1) Create the route

    2) Save it (I used private mode)

    3) Export to GPX

    4) Send file to friend

    Your friend:

    1) Go to STRAVA Lab - GPX to Route (https://labs.strava.com/gpx-to-route/#12/-122.44503/37.73651)

    2) Upload GPX file

    3) Save & Exit

    4) Log in Strava

    Your friend should find it…

    Sometimes it works….it’s a lab….or a trap (Akbar said…)

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