Flag segments as "bad GPS data" even though one did not complete it

One should have the ability to flag a segment as "bad GPS data" even though one did not complete it.

I think this would be useful because some segments were recorded with bad GPS data (not following the road) so that it is unlikely that it will match a correct GPS track (exactly following the road). Consequently, you will not appear in the leaderboards and you cannot flag it. You can create a duplicate segment with your better GPS data but you can neither say why you created a duplicate nor that the other is bad. I think the bad one should be flagged so that it is removed.



  • Agreed.   Cleaning up these bad segments would also benefit the explore segments page.

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  • 16 months and still no solution for segments created with bad data. One near me. Contacted the creator and asked them to make private. They simply became hostile. Why is this, and so many other issues frankly, so hard to deal with when you have a large number of people ready and willing to help curate the data set? Dropping my premium membership when it expires.

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