Achievements for the median time of my efforts on the segment

I train most days on my bike, but it's general fitness training, not ultimate cycling performance, so I'm only rarely aiming to break my records on climbs.

Besides, all my records were achieved in perfect conditions (traffic lights on green, following wind....) so they aren't representative of my everyday riding. I could give it 120%, and still know I've got no chance of a PR because the weather isn't in my favour.

And I'm 50 this year, so I doubt I'm getting faster, and I'm unlikely to improve on many of my PRs.

So my PRs are increasingly irrelevant to me, with the exception of the couple of KoMs I hold.

What I really need to know is, "Was that effort better than my average, or not?" So what I need is a typical time I take on each of the segments I ride regularly to compare against today's effort. The best quantity would be the median time of my efforts on the segment, or perhaps the median of my times over the last 12 months, which would give an idea of recent progress. Maybe a 12 month rolling mean would be more appropriate?

I'll leave the detail for you, if you decide this would be a popular feature. I think it would be, and I'm sure it would be very easy to do, given that it's such a simple calculation from the data you hold for every athlete.

Keep up the good (great!) work.

Paul Merckx, Yorkshire UK



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