I should be able to mark a public segment that I created as 'private'

There are various times you might have created a segment as public, either inadvertently, or because you wanted to temporarily share it with someone else, or just because at the time it seemed like a good segment, but then you realise later that the segment is not suitable for public sharing, and should be private.

But once you've marked a segment as Public, there appears to be no option anywhere to make it private again.



  • I have a segment that I wanted private but made public because I couldn't find it on a ride on which I went on it.  Making it public was art of me trying to locate it in my ride.  But now I can't switch it back again.  No one else has ridden it so no one would lose out if it was private again.  I assume by this and other posts it's not currently possible

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  • Delete the segment then recreate it. This worked for me.

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  • I agree, it should be possible to change a segment from public to private.

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