Opportunity to add or modify distance to the indoor exercises

While indoor training on trek (running or cycling) it is stupid to use gps. I always use my garmin without gps, but they are recording HR, cadence, and time of each lap. So, as the result I have activity without the distance, but with other parameters. It will be great to add opportunity to modify the distance in existing activity. 

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  • Hello...I have the same issue. I'm doing weekly 2-6h indoor spinning. While the time of the activity is recorded, I would like to add distance. Did nobody answer on this one?

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  • Yes - this would be great!  I am working around it by listing two separate activities for my spin classes:  Spin/Time (as downloaded from Garmin) and Spin/Miles (manual entry).  A pain, but it allows me to count my miles.  I include a pic of the monitor with average speed, watts, and distance.

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  • Currently Strava allows us to edit the distance for indoor activities, but ONLY from the app (not the website), and ONLY if the activity had a distance to begin with. If it was imported, say, from an Apple Watch, which doesn’t record distance for several activities (eg. Elliptical), Strava does not allow us to add a distance after the fact. I have no idea why these are even treated as separate cases.

    So first I’d like to add my vote for adding a distance to activities initially imported/added without a distance.

    Second, please let us edit from the website as well!

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