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Hi guys,

just some thoughts, regarding fitness+freshness curve. I used TrainingPeaks some time ago, now I'm only with Strava as my training shifted focus (less conditions to train=let's have fun with what we have). So during the time I had TP I was solely training cycling therefore I am not sure how it actually work on TP for TSS calculation on composite training (such as triathletes), although I'm sure they have the inputs for TSS calculation for  running or swimming. BUT, nevertheless, this is a feature I don't see for the running in Strava (am I seeing it wrong?), therefore I'll just make some suggestions I would find useful to use (sorry about my english, by the way):

 - F+F curve can be calculated for running, based on HR. However, currently, although it calculates the TSS for running, no FF from running is provided - only for cycling. So, that'll be my first suggestion - a FF calculation + FTP estimation for runners using HR monitoring.

 - TSS, and therefore FF curve,  are very good tools to monitor and plan both training impact and recovery in one specific activity. I assume I am not an expert, so  I am not sure if it is linear that a combined or composite TSS for, say triathlon, can be used the exact same way. What I do know is that, as i am approaching that sport for the first time, to have a notion of total TSS would be an excelente tool (I am feeling it in my body!). Don't know how (or if) it's done by TP, don't know technically how it should be done regarding composite training, but it could be a stand-out feature much appreciated, so that's my second suggestion

 - Swiming is not a focus of Strava but with the army of triathletes out there right now, it could be improved, I think. It's not easy to do a calculation for TSS, because of lack of  HR monitoring in water, but using FTP estimates (as in running or cycling  and some estimation methods are available) and with some better data regarding swimming data such as pace, it could be improved - and used in a composite TSS calculation 

 -  Finally, gotta tell you this: Strava has put its focus on cycling and running (and I love you guys for that!) but I am pretty sure that, especially from triathletes, you must have loads of comments and suggestions for improvement. The sport is getting bigger and bigger every year, so some improvement in customizing the platform for triathlon would be very welcomed. Don't know what your marketeers say  regarding the revenue potencial for premium customers focused on triathlon. But I'd tell you this: guys, I love you but you really need to improve this while you have the chance. Segments and KOM's and great, you put a lot of effort in things that make the training more fun, but you can provide more than that.  Most of these people are sports biggest nerds: they've read it, researched it, are able to put up a plan - so it has more to do about the tools (and most are only calculations...) that could make the difference.  And that IS the difference for paying for a training platform instead of another - and nobody is truly winning this race, so far .

So, that's it - maybe a lot of nonsense, let you guys decide! :) But Strava has been a part of the journey (even last night I introduced a friend to Strava and he created his account in that moment) so just hoping to be able to give some input for improvement - as you've done for me in the past 2 years.

All the best to you guys,






  • I agree with the above. When it comes to "Fitness Score", it should include all activities, not just cycling. Otherwise, the score does not correctly show the true fitness. Since I cycle, run, lift weights, and XC ski, my fitness score doesn't really show the true picture.  I hope Strava could include this just like Training Peaks.

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  • I totally agree with this comments, and to tell you the truth I'm really disappointed with that. I have now a Garmin 735XT so I can track with more precision my trainings in any sport, but 80% of my time is for running. This F+F curve gives you a very good idea of your training load and when is the best time for a rest day, not only based on your "feelings" in the morning that for several reasons can be inaccurate.

    I don't really understand why is not included since every training is analyzed with its suffer score. 

    What is really sad is that the original comment is almost one year old and it looks like nothing has changed since that, yet it says will be added soon... but how soon??

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  • I've found that Stravistix provides a much better fitness curve, not only because it's multi-sport, but because there's good translation between the 'form' numbers and actual recommendations for training load. Come on Strava - if one guy can put together a plugin that blows your graph out of the water, I'm sure you can do it.

    Also: An opportunity that Strava seems to be missing here is that you already calculate a virtual power. If a ride doesn't have HR or Power recorded, you could at least drop back to your virtual power numbers to approximate a training load. Even that approximation would be a whole lot more accurate than just making that effort have zero input.

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