Motocross, ENDURO, trail

How many of you will love to be able to compare your laps times with your friends?

How many of this huge community will love to share their activities, real suffer score, calories burned, tracks, segments, etc?

This a great app, and we are waiting for our category.

Please, if you are agreed, enter a post, the more we ask for, maybe the sooner they give us our desperately wished category

Please help to get it





  • 正式評論

    Please see this existing post on the topic of motocross activities on Strava. 

    In the meantime, please be sure to use the "Hide from Segment Leaderboards" option when uploading a motor-assisted ride activity. With this option enabled, your segment efforts will still appear under "My Results" for analysis. You can select this privacy setting on an individual activity, or you can go to your account settings to hide your segment times by default on all new uploads.  It is the activity owner's responsibility to correctly upload their data according to our Segment Leaderboard Guidelines. Thanks. 

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  • Yes, please add motocross/dirt bike as an activity as I cycle and moto, it would be great to track separately. Also, a lot of dirtbike moto trails overlap with mountain bike trails.

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  • Love this app but it's time for it to grow.

    I'm riding offroad enduro motorcycles on trails. I don't pedal.

    My heart rate on my rides averages around 150 for around 2 hours.

    It would be nice if you would add the Moto/dirtbike activity option.

    Tired of having my rides flagged !

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  • No!

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  • I think there would be a lot of accidents-

    There is a code of onduct to be followed, with speed limits, and i belive it may lead to unnecessary penalities or dangers.

    Vote: NO

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  • You think wrong.

    We have already been using this app for years!

    Adding an option for Enduro will change nothing as to how the trails are ridden. What it will do is enable us to seperate our rides from peddlers and peddlers will no longer need to flag our rides when we beat their times.

    Code of conduct,... that's hilarious. 

    Speed limits,... that's funny too. 


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