Lack of features for Nordic and Backcountry Skiing

Hi - why when you switch from run (the default mode my Garmin watches record under, but I can only choose run and bike), to Nordic or backcountry, Strava removes all the data like speed/km, segments, best PR - there is no reason to lose the segments in particular on Nordic skiing, as they are tracks and repeated over and over...its such a shame to strip all the data, just leave Nordic skiing like the Running mode, please!



  • Great improve

  • +1

  • Yes! Treating Nordic Skiing like running in the UI would be a huge improvement.

  • Yes! This is really irritating for all ""other" activities. Please fix!

  • One year later nothing has happened. 

    Should not be that difficult.

  • Am I missing something here?
    If I set an activity to backcountry ski, I see the average and max speed, and I see any matching segments. Of course it only matches backcountry ski segments, not segments from other sports.