Add 'Run Cadence' to smartphone app

I especially like looking at my cadence at different points in a run as a way of assessing my running form. Run cadence is easy to see on the Strava website, but it is not shown in the mobile app. It would be great to have this feature added in an upcoming app version.



  • I would like to see and hear my cadence as well, I am missing this feature a lot.

  • I would like this as well..And on the Android watch app

  • Jim, where can you look at your cadence  on the website? I just can't find it!

  • Is running cadence visible on the website? I can't find it. I'd like to see running cadence. It's the main thing that keeps me using Runkeeper for half my runs.


  • Andres and Nikki, if you are looking at the details of a selected run, run cadence will be visible underneath the pace/elevation graph toward the bottom of the page. The average cadence for the run is listed on the right-hand side, and there is a toggle to make cadence visible in the graph.


  • @Jim it's unfortunately not visible on my page as suggested by you 😞 I can't figure out how to upload my screenshot of the page on this forum.

  • Thanks Jim, but as Puneet says. On my page isnt also visible and I dont know why. I've searched for it very good and try to find if its hidden or disabled somewhere without success. Not on Safari, not on Chrome, even with a Strava Enhancemet suite chrome app that enables running cadence by default.  And Im recording with the app that automatically detects the cadence.


  • I don't see this data either, but looking at the screen shot, the data was captured by a Garmin device. I run with my Apple Watch and my iPhone - I don't think that alone unlocks cadence support.

  • @Andres, Puneet and Neil. Did you all record the cadence while running? If not, then you can find it in the settings->sensors when you are about to record activity.

  • Thanks @Samyak. But the point is recording cadence WITHOUT any external sensor. I record Strava on Apple Watch though, still no cadence. Runtastic and Runkeeper, Have this feature even as I have them on iPhone while running (no sensors).

  • When will cadence be available for runs tracked using Apple watch (Series 3)?
    It’s shocking this isn’t a standard feature by now.

    I sorry to say I will not be renewing my premium membership until this is remedied.

  • Any news on this Strava?

  • Hi all,


    Also would love to have Cadence visible. I run with my Apple Watch and as others say the data is there on other apps but not Strava. I was hoping to have complete stats available to me so this is quite disappointing! I shouldn't have to download another app for this.

  • Cadence is a vital part of the training process and one of the reasons I run with the standard (activity) app on the Apple Watch instead of Strava is simply because it shows cadence while Strava does not. Once Strava updates the app on the apple watch to include cadence in the run, I will def return to using the Strava app and upgrade for runs. 

  • How is this still not completed 3 years on from the original request!?

    I genuinely think Strava have stopped caring about the suggestions and feedback in these forums. I've seen so many now that all have zero action or response from Strava team, and most of the feature requests are so simple too! 

    Strava team - stop focusing on making additional revenue through sponsorship deals with other companies and similar, instead focus on expanding your core platform and keep happy the millions of paying customers by listening to the feedback more!