Flyby Unit Preferences

Please use unit preferences in Flyby page (e.g. km and m) instead of only showing miles and ft.



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    Thanks for the request - this should be an easy one to fix. I will keep everyone updated if we can make progress on a unit preferences option for Flybys. 

  • Damn straight!  The other areas of strava let the user pick Metric or Ameridoodle units, why is the Flybys component locked into miles ? 

  • Amen to that. Being locked in to miles and feet is plain stupid. At least allow the user to change to real cycling units (i.e. metric) in the flyby page. Other than that, thanks for the flyby feature!

  • I just up-voted this as it annoys me as well

  • why is the Flybys component locked into miles ? 

  • This is a frustration for me too, Cant see why it would take this long to implement a fix

    Please Strava


  • Me too, its impressive something that simple is not implemented yet. 

  • And no official response instead. I will raise a support ticket for this. 

  • Still waiting..

  • Everyone I know complains about this, but only 15 upvotes? seriously?

  • Someone with free time to init this request on    ;-)

  • This is one of the reasons I use Strave to see altitude. Maybe it will by just a trail.

    Other then that is is a good app.


    Its ironic that the FlyBy tolerance is a metric measure :-)

    "A (✓) means that this activity was a flyby with the primary activity. This means that the activity was within 50 meters of you at some point,..." 

  • @Elle – we don't need a separate unit setting for Flybys, it should adhere to the general unit setting for Strava :-)

  • +50 and still waiting

  • Nearly 1.75 years from the date of request and acknowledgement but still no go  ? ? ? ? R u serious ? ? 

  • where is my km??

  • hi Strava, any chance we could get an update on this. I need to sort out a few bits of positional information for an app and using miles is not helpful at all. 


  • Please allow us to change miles to kilometers on Flyby.


  • Please fix this!!!

  • Please fix this. Most of the world (all countries except except Liberia, Myanmar and the United States of America) use the metric system...

  • Please let us use kilometers and meters in flyby. Most of the world have no idea what feet and miles are ... including me!

  • More than one year with no official response. Last official response was "this should be an easy one to fix". 😂😂😂 Right now I'm replacing my 5 stars with 1 in the Strava score on Google Play. Let's see if in this way they treat it.

  • Strava .... it will be the easiest thing in the world to fix. PLEASE FIX IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????

  • Over two years and this still hasn't been fixed? Almost all of the world (95% of its population) uses the metric system. Please upvote the request! 


  • ..cycling world using metric distance.. Not to mention the UCI.. strava is this just not on your list of priorities?

  • This is one of those weird ones where it literally couldn't be any easier for Strava to do it but they don't. Probably because it's only geeks like us who care and we're not making them any money.

  • Yes I support Flyby units should be metric.

    It's 2019 now so can we say it will be fixed this year at least?

  • +77 still waiting