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Some of us have a windows phone, and while my first preference would be for an officially supported windows phone app with the full feature set, I doubt that is coming any time soon.  As such, it would be nice if we could add pictures from our own files from the web site rather than having to deal with Instagram.  I don't always upload Instagram photos in the time window allotted.  Truth be told, the only reason I have an Instagram account is so I can have my ride pictures show up in strava.  I would probably just close my Instagram account if you added manual file upload for ride pictures to the web site.



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  • I.cannot.believe.this.

  • 'Please continue to leave your feedback regarding this request below'


    People have been asking for this for years now in many more threads like this.





  • Just more shit from Strava. No ability to change units, no ability to upload photos from a real computer. Why do I pay for this...

  • My first post here, and wow, i could immediately add a photo here. Just another windows phone user...

  • Please delete this comment.

  • Just one more vote in favor of spending the 2 hours work it would take to update the website to upload photos directly.  And while you're at it get rid of that silly 'sync photos with instagram' function.

  • In the year of our lord 2017, Strava still doesn't support jpeg upload via web browser, literally the most basic method possible, despite users begging for it for literally years. OK.

  • Hell, just add it to the API and let others build the "interface" with IFTTT or whatever, so Google Photos et al can sync up.

  • Strava, Are there still al lot of more important things you need to do?

  • It's 2017 and I still can't upload pictures from my camera to a ride via the website. WTF seems like most every other website (including strava competitors like ride with gps) have this feature. Beyond that the interface for photos in the app is really basic and lacking even the most common features like rotating pictures. I couldn't figure out how to add a couple more pictures once I'd added a few it seems the option to add more isn't easy to find. RWGPS provides better features anyway, strava seems focused on phones and people that care about KOMs, whatever I guess.

  • Commenting to support this feature being added. I wrote in another thread that I record rides with a Garmin, and take photos with a digital camera. My current workflow is to send the pictures to myself, save them to my phone, and then add them in through the Strava iOS app. A bit cumbersome and a little ridiculous. Not everyone uses their phones for capturing the ride, snapping pictures on Instagram, etc. etc.

    Glad that 'Cover' photos (i.e. 'default' picture for a ride) will be integrated soon (thanks, Strava team!), but being able to add from a desktop seems much more elementary than that feature.

  • One use case, perhaps marginal, that is not supported well by the phone app, is adding a photo to an older ride.

    From the browser I can get back to rides that are years old easily, but I can't add a picture.

    From the phone app I can add pictures to recent rides, but wading back through hundreds of older rides ... well, I haven't tried it, so it might work, but it would be extremely tedious.

    Since I use an iPhone, I'd be happy with a calendar view of my rides that let me quickly pull up a ride from, say, July 2015.

    Bottom line, lack of feature parity between the browser and phone apps seems to be the underlying issue. Any single feature gap is likely to result in a request to close it. [For instance, aside from no photo uploading in the browser, my two big nits right now are lack of cadence and temperature data displays in the phone app ... why?] 

  • +1 on support for adding pictures to my rides after the fact. I have tons of photos that have yet to be paired to my rides. As part of promoting the sport, photos are great advertising.

    Full support in the web interface is ideal, but API is a fine start if you're pinched for time, Strava.

  • Come on Strava time to step up. It's madness that it's still an issue.

  • Still no plans to do this? My Strava app won't sync with garmin or let me view todays ride so much as I'd like to upload the photos I took of the frozen North whilst out I'm now screwed ... thanks guys...

  • Some how my STRAVA account was deleted from my I phone. My account is still on my PC but I would like to add photos. I tried creating another account on my I Phone. But it created a totally different one under my same name. So I deleted that. I seem to be going in circles. How do I link my PC Strava account to my phone account so I can download pics etc. Or sync the two?


    Please advise. Thx. Lou

  • Hi Strava. I understand software development and feature prioritization. Let me help raise the priority of this feature request. My premium subscription just expired. I will renew my premium subscription once web photo uploads are available. 

    Thank you,

  • @lou try using "login" and enter your credentials rather than "sign up" and entering new information.   If you don't know your username/password, use the "forgot password" link and they'll send a reset link to your email address.

    Also, this question has nothing to do with this thread.  Create a new thread for new problems, don't piggyback on an existing thread.  That's considered bad etiquette anywhere on the internet.

  • WOW -- simply astonished that they STILL cant do this!  Please hire me so I can fix your website. It shouldnt take more than a day.



  • So you can't upload a photo to your ride, eh?  

    So please open a case, Have some $60,000/year engineer add my photo (above) to today's ride for me. I'm a premium member so I should get high priority.

    Let me know when you get around to it.


    Doug  Smith  - Unemployed Software Engineer

  • I'd like this too.  But I'm not holding my breath...


  • I was shocked when it wasn't done when the app was updated to allow uploads.

  • I would also like to see this functionality added to the web site. I'd like to add good photos, taken with a camera other than my phone.

  • This type of functionality should be consistently applied across all versions of the app -> web/android/iphone and customers shouldn't be fighting to have it there

  • +1 for being able to upload photos from the web site.

  • Just in case someone at Strava HQ is counting distinct requests, I would also like to be able to upload photos from the web site.

  • I would like this functionality. My phone has a crap camera, but I sometimes take my dslr with me. I don't want to pollute my instagram with cycling pics.

  • I have a Nexus 7 tablet with a front and back camera. I can record a strava ride with my tablet, but I cannot add a photo! For some reason Strava has disabled the future on android tablets. Why?


     Instead I have to email the photo to myself open it in the email program on my phone, and then manually add it at that time to my activity. Very tedious!


  • Yet another request for this very very very basic website feature!!!

    Come on Strava!  

  • I want to add a third party photo (taken of a race I was in) to my activity. I have the photos on my computer but not my phone yet... I upload the photos from my computer to Google Photos and they now show in my Google photos on my phone. Now I can add the photo to the activity using the Strava Android App. NOT! Navigating to photos from Stava does not list the photos uploaded into Google Photos showing on my phone in Google photos. If I choose the share the photo from Google Photos then Stava does not appear as an available app for that action.

    My question is therefore what means is there for attaching a third party photo (yes I have paid for it and own the right to use it) to my activity. Uploading to my phone does not provide access to it. Having it on my computer relies on the browser interface that doesn't support adding photos. Is the only method to post to Instagram first?