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Some of us have a windows phone, and while my first preference would be for an officially supported windows phone app with the full feature set, I doubt that is coming any time soon.  As such, it would be nice if we could add pictures from our own files from the web site rather than having to deal with Instagram.  I don't always upload Instagram photos in the time window allotted.  Truth be told, the only reason I have an Instagram account is so I can have my ride pictures show up in strava.  I would probably just close my Instagram account if you added manual file upload for ride pictures to the web site.



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  • +1 Yes, please! What is the big issue about this?

  • Adding my vote to be able to add photos via the website.

    If I can literally drag and drop a .TCX file to upload it, the ability to do the same with a photo wouldn't be too much of a stretch.

  • I have Windows Phone (unfortunately) and I'm not instagram user. Ability to upload photos from the web would be great. It is also not so much development effort if you support this feature already. ... or just add it to the strava API and I will code it myself :-) ...

  • Please add the ability to post photo's from a regular laptop browser. Many here do not use phones to add rides or photos. Thanks!

  • It's a shame it hasn't been done till now! 

  • I am voting with my dollar. If Strava is unwilling to take care of this simple request from the masses. I will not longer have a premium account.  The dollar always wins in the end.  


  • Agree.  Provide ability to upload pictures to an activity via the website.

  • Bump!! Rather annoying that the mobile app gets so much more focus than the website for functionality :(

  • +1 Another premium member.  This can be a real pain and cost unnecessary time for a simple feature.  It takes a lot to get me onto a forum, let alone complain....

  • +1

    Another for the chorus asking for upload from the web site.  Windows Phone. No Instagram. Camera user. Stealing mate's photos. Plenty of reasons to have another way to load photos. Seems simple enough to me too, as a coder.

    I guess the question is - is this really not being done because of the technical upload piece?

    Or is it a server space issue? You would prefer not to have all of the photos (which are currently stored on Instagram's and other publicly facing servers) clogging up yours and forcing you to buy extra server space to store the images?

    Now if that's the reason and you are honest about it, maybe people would understand that it's a $ thing and not a technical issue. Considering how much of strava is a free service, I would be comfortable with that being the reason.

    Or maybe I'm just too cynical.

  • Scott Kidson: if it's a space issue, let me link an image from my own hosting or imgur then? Or hell, make it a perk of being a paid member.

    As a non iOS/Android user, who doesn't use instagram/etc... It's an annoyance to me to be sure.

  • Adding pics would be nice, because the app is not running on my android (LineageOS).

  • Simply adding one more voice to the team at Strava about the value being able to upload photos directly from a web browser would be to your users who don't use their phones to track their activity. Its a service i'd be happy to sign up for a Premium account for. Good luck with the coding and hope you can launch this option soon. 

  • The requests from the member community for this functionality has been going on for years and I gave up about 3yrs ago trying to get it added but I thought I would check in to see if it has been added and obviously the answer is No.

    I am of the opinion of many others - especially those that pay for the service - that this should be a base service offered to all users.

    I work in IT Solution/Development and I could almost guarantee that of my guys could knock something up that functions in a week - of course it would need to be tested properly but that could be done in a few weeks too.

    My suspicion is that there are issues of cost to store all the photos, security to check that nothing bad gets uploaded but in this day and age storage is cheap so I really do not understand what the real issue is for Strava - especially since you can do this on the mobile app already!

    I saw an earlier comment from an official Strava person who said something along the lines that they were a small company and had to prioritise issues.

    Is this not a a serious issue being raised by its member base????

    Strava if you continue to NOT to listen to your member base you will remain a small company because members will leave and competitors will offer what you are not.

    Please get your act together and fix this and if you are struggling to technically implement this then get in touch, we have offices in most countries and I will get a consultant to come over free of charge for an initial assessment of the problem and they will offer you a solution.

  • We really need this feature, how hard can it be?

  • oh, come on, I'm shooting lots of pics from gopro and cannot upload them via website using my laptop! what's the matter with that??

  • +1 from me

  • Stupidly hard it would seem. :(

    Uploading images to social media is a standard key part of social media.
    Yet Strava seems to make such a basic functionality an exercise in hoop jumping whilst one's feets are tied together and wearing a clown costume with size 20 feet.  
    I'm a pro photographer, so pretty au fait with handling images. But rarely do I post photos on my strava rides because it's too much effort and palaver. 

  • I was a paying customer. But not anymore until this issue is solved. What would happen if everyone decided to stop paying???

  • Well, a year has passed and it still is not available. A bit ignorant from Strava people, if you ask me. Why should I keep paying you people money, if you don't even give us that option. Who do I need to sleep with, to get it finally done?????

  • How about another level of premium, like double plus premium, and you get to upload photos from your laptop.  I'd pay another $5/month for that.  It will limit the really cheap bastards from hogging up space, incentivize even more people to pay for the service, and make folks like me happy.

  • Blahblahblah, Strava...

    Hundreds of the same simple request from Strava members for 2 years - uploads from Internet browsers - and NOTHING IS DONE!  

    I have quit Strava premium, and am actively searching for a replacement service to recruit my friends away, because Strava has done NOTHING on this. 

  • Adding another vote for this functionality. As a Windows PC and phone user, I don't have the option of using the Strava app.

  • infinitam cunctationem...

  • I am a paying customer since years and I find it a "must have" upgrade. And it is from many years that it is on the roadmap...

  • So we have all been leaving comments and hopefully voting to sort this and today I see this from Strava http://road.cc/content/news/228138-video-strava-asks-athletes-reject-image-conscious-social-media-selfies - #athletesunfiltered almost encouraging us to post photos raw and unfiltered ! Hope it is possible on all platforms !!!!!

  • Make a protest. Stop to pay.

  • Who got the "Thanks for being yourself" email from Strava recently, the one that says, among other things, "We’re rallying athletes to go against the grain by posting your favorite anti-filter photos: Show us the awkward tan lines, the flushed post-workout selfie, the filthy hands, the raw joy of a big day out. There’s no such thing as too real."

    I got that email today, and replied, but of course no one will read that reply, so I'll just put it here:

    Honestly your customers have been asking you to make it easier to post their pictures, without Instagram, for years, and you've ignored them.
    So when you send a pretty email like this telling me you want to see my pictures, my first thought, well my first thought I will set aside. No reason to be nasty.
    But no, you don't want to see my pictures, or there would be links in the forms for workouts and activities and comments that say "Add Picture", and I would click those links and add pictures.
    I'm writing to you from Gmail, and just below the words I'm typing there is a little picture icon, and when I hover the mouse over it, it says "Insert Photo". Google wants me to use pictures. You clearly don't.


  • Adding my vote to add this feature to the website UI. It seems really simple to do. Please, please, please, (grovel, beg, plead, implore even!)

  • We seem to all agree here, but I have not seen a reply from Strava for a very long time. Makes me wonder if they read the comments. I really like Strava, but the lack of ability of adding pictures from the website seems like a problem for so many. Maybe we should collect signatures and mail a real letter to them, like a petition. :)