Filter "Ride in Group" activities for Segment Classifications

Well, I think that it's quite frustrating when you see in classifications those great times made by people using the benefit of riding in group... isn't it?
It has nothing to be the condition of ride alone compared with riding in group with possibility of takeovers and have big benefits in aerodynamics...etc

Nothing to be the individual timetrial with the team teamtrials.

So, as Strava now has the ability of detect and register group activities... it would be quite easy apply a filter in classifications similar to age or weight filters.

I know humans are cheaters by nature, and one can tell his friends don't to turn on Strava so a group activity cannot be registered as that, or yes, also you can do the activity in a vehicle or something if you are a cheater... but for the honest people a tool like this could be useful if they want to know really where they are.

That could be more motivating for people riding alone.



  • Well...I understand that people who are using the benefits of "ride in group" to set many KOMs around there could be not happy with this...

    But it's really unfair, you know.

    It's not serious.

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  • Yes an easy filter to sort out the group rides from individual to Pro's. People do use apps like these for motivation and like to see their positions compared to others otherwise why bother with the app at all?

    Come on Strava, the KOM or QOM should automatically be the individual rider then a filter can compare you to groups or Pro's etc. Or just give individual KOM the gold crown, Pro a red Crown and Group a Green one or something equally simple.

    This app encourages the individual on to improve and there really is no matching Chaingangs times as they fly through the countryside etc

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  • I voted for this but will lose all my trophies. However our Club has a regular training ride (Road Race) on the same route and would be nice to get a group achievement for the fastest lap of the segment for this ride. At the moment the KOM goes to whoever uploads first.

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  • Thanks for the support guys.

    This thing of times from group rides (or competitions) that people set in segment records... is really quite annoying for every motivated (individual) athletes I know.... :/

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  • has Strava ever responded to this ."..oh so simple request.." ? .....the information is there as every time people join my ride and start riding behind me ride suddenly is a group ride. so the information is there. Strava support, what is your view?

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  • Nope, Strava has ignored it and actually gone the opposite way whereby you can actually hide the fact you were on a group ride to any observer of your achievements on a ride if they are not one of your followers!
    Strava get a grip, if this app is for motivation etc then even the playing field out, individual KOMs, group ride KOMs (3 or more people), pro KOMs etc

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