Remove virtual rides from my feed

hi I use a trainer bike occasionally, but I'm not interested in seeing so many virtual rides on my feed. I get that some people love them. I'd just like a tick box style option for me to remove virtual rides from MY feed please. 



  • Seeing virtual rides detracts greatly from the Strava experience. Definitely a case of progress making things worse.

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  • Yes!  the feed would be much more interesting if trainer rides and commutes were excluded.  Also it should be in chronological order.

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  • Hello, is it possible to remove virtual rides from my feed?  If not can this feature be added please?  My only option at the moment seems to be to "Mute" individuals, but then I lose visibility of their outdoor activities, which is all I am keen to see.

    It's ruining my strava experience so any help providing a simple filter to remove virtual rides would be great.  Thanks

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