App stopped recording Distance after I crashed my bike

I wiped out on my bicycle on the slick roads this weekend. I dusted myself off and rode 25 another miles (later to learn that I had two broken ribs). My Strava app didn't survive the crash as well though. It drew my route on the map, but my stats (distance, speed, and time) were all zero. I stopped halfway into the ride to see if I could have a stern talk with the app, but that didn't help. I restarted the app--no help, and then restarted my iPhone--still no help.

Believe me, I would LOVE a good excuse to go get a new iPhone, but I don't think this is a hardware issue. I have launched other GPS apps (Apple Maps and Google Maps) and they both appear to show that the GPS is functioning. I don't see how I could have traumatized the app though. Is it just sensing my own pain and misbehaving? Is the Strava app sentient enough to be experiencing its own trauma somehow?

Any thoughts?



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