I've gotta say, the new GUI is pretty terrible.  It's mimicking facebook and other social media platforms and I really hate the excessively large top banner "give premium a try". Most that use Strava are fully aware of the premium membership and I don't see any reason to promote like that..  The Dashboard displays almost exactly the same information as the profile page making it somewhat redundant.  What I hate the most is how large the activity windows are for everyone I follow- I have to scroll an entire page just to see one ride of someone I'm following (13" MBP) and only 2 activities on a 21.5" iMac.  If it's a group activity, the entire thing wont' even fit on the screen. This to me, is incredibly sloppy and lazy from a graphic design standpoint- form should follow function always.  I fully realize I don't HAVE to use Strava and I'm here voluntarily, but I find myself wondering if renewing my premium membership is worth it with such an abhorrent user interface. There's just too much information, adds, self-promotion, etc. on the Dashboard and I find it completely unnecessary.  Just my opinion of course. :)



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