Doesn't work on Samsung S8

Downloaded app this morning set off for first ride and it recorded the first 5 minutes. Plus it keeps asking me to upgrade to Premium. I used to love this app. How can I get it to work without dropping out or should I find an alternative?



  • I had this problem too. The solution is in the power management system. Go to device maintenence >battery >app monitor and untick Strava from the list of monitored apps.

    Apps being monitored are put to sleep which causes Strava to misrecord.

  • I found same problem with strava app installed in my S8+. Poor tracking locations and distance. I had this problem since Dec 2017 and reinstalled the app twice. Problems keep appears. please help. thanks

  • I am having the same issue and am becoming very frustrated with it.

  • Thanks Keith. Will try it.

  • I have to same issue. Any resolution? If the phone is locked or screen off it records very few waypoints

  • I will uninstall it from my s8. Spent too long trying to make it work. Never had a single problem when I used it with the iphone 6.

  • Hi. I tried Keith's idea and the app did track better, but it kept losing me - as Aaron says it records very few waypoints. So I did an hour's ride and it only recorded me as cycling for 30 minutes. So I haven't used it since. If I want to track my rides I use Google Maps. 

    Sorry Strava, but if you want people to use your app it needs to work on a Samsung!


  • I've actually now seemingly got it to work.

    Go to settings, device maintenance, battery and then in power saving mode click off.

    That seems to be working for me

  • It started to work for me after I turned Power saving mode off. I was under the assumption that only by adding Strava to the list of unmonitored apps it was going to be enough for Strava to work, but no. I had to completely turn off power saving mode. Seems to be the same case as Aaron.

  • Perhaps you guys have found the answer! Thank you.


  • Since the latest Strava update my Samsung phone cannot acquire GPS. It worked fine until then. I have turned the power monitor function off, location is at the highest. Other apps are able to use GPS.

  • In google play says is not compatible with my device samsung note 8 any more. So I can not update strava app. This is strange, not happened before. Please help with this issue.

  • Olá, estou tendo problemas com o strava, no sansung galaxy S8 já tentei utilizar todos os modos de rastreamento, porém, nenhum funcionou, sequer contabiliza um metro. O que posso fazer para solucionar o problema?