Time spent leading group rides

A percentage ‘time on front’ or ‘workhorse’ percentage would be awesome for group rides. Encourage more people to take a pull and reward those who dig deep for the group.

Edit: This could be calculated the same way huge segment efforts are, when you can view your ride vs others not he same segment. 



  • How would Strava know who was "in front" of a group?  The GPS data isn't that accurate.  It would be so far off that it doesn't do any good at all.

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  • Sorry, don't think the GPS system is accurate enough for this... even if it was, it would also demand that everyone in the whole group used Strava for it to work. If just one is not using Strava, times would be off straight away.

    Cool idea though... just not technically feasible. :)

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  • hmmm I'm not sure guys. Stay with me here and explain how it's not possible based on this....

    When you check out your segments you can compare to other people on the same ride and view exact time differences at each point of that segment, and you can view a little marker that shows you how far ahead / behind they are. If I can do that over a 10mile segment (when doing a TT with 20 other riders on the same day for example) why can't it be done for an entire ride and analyse the percentage of time each rider (with Strava) was in front? It knows who was in front at any time because it shows you that on the little marker when comparing efforts.

    The tech is already there surely? With a segment you can see exact time infront/behind differences. If Strava did that same calculation for the whole ride it could work, no? The GPS is accurate enough to track segments to within less than a second, in the background treat the whole ride as a segment.

    What am I missing?

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  • Adam - GPS just isn't that accurate.  Sit still and look at your GPS device (turn off auto-pause).  It will regularly show you at some speed even though you are standing still.  Heck, turn it on and sit it on a windowsill for a few hours.  I supposedly covered a number of miles doing this one day testing it.  That little indicator on the maps when you compare efforts is averaging things out along the way and isn't showing exactly where the person was at that instant.  If it was off just by 10', it would have the wrong person in the lead.  Now consider 3 or more GPS units all with even a 3-5' variation which could be in any direction. 

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  • I think Edward really pointed out the huge error in this. Let's say, riders ABCD are riding, C does not use Strava. If they keep a paceline in that order, and rotate through, then D will also get C's time added to his because Strava can't know that D wasn't leading when C was.

    This is on top of the inaccuracies in GPS, which is generally accurate to around 4 meters in any direction, meaning someone could be to the right and rear of their actual position by 12'. If your unit happens to report 12' ahead, and someone else's 12' behind, well, now you're taking 2-4 riders pulls on top of yours.

    I do agree that it would be a fun feature and could see this being great for group rides. Imagine people actually fighting to be on the front longer. But I also agree it isn't feasible, especially with that one guy who doesn't use Strava.

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