Bring Back Chronological Ordering and Add Filters

As should be obvious from the 600+ (as of the time of this writing) downvotes on this announcement, Strava users did not ask for, nor want, an algorithm to decide their newsfeed.

This should be reverted back to the old chronological feed and FILTERS should be added for things we want or don't want.

Examples are:

  • Challenge Reports (Way too many)
  • Challenge Accomplished (Might want to see completed, but don't care about percent updates)
  • Date Range (Useful for finding that ride you went on together, or they talked about)
  • Follower List (A de/select all, select club, select only A, B, C rider)
  • Ride Length (i.e. don't show rides shorter than 10mi as it's most likely a commute I might not care about)
  • Ride Duration (similar idea to ride length, cut out things that are 30min or less, 10 min or less, or whatever length you want)
  • Activity Type (Ride, Run, Swim, Hike, Virtual Ride, Commute, Race) Some runners don't care if their triathlete buddies rode their bike, some cyclists don't care if their triathlete buddy went for a run. Neither care if they went for a swim :-)

There are probably other filters people may want, but the idea is that people CHOOSE what they want to see, not Strava's learning algorithm. My choices change day to day, some days I feel like reading through challenge reports (okay, probably not), some days I care about rider A, B, C, or perhaps I haven't seen rider D in a while at the weekly club ride, check what he's done (okay, I could go to his profile). Maybe I'm thinking I got off late today, check and see if rider E, F, and G have already gone riding.

When you give us more choice we'll find creative ways to use them, ways that I haven't even outlined here. Limit our choices and we may go elsewhere that gives us choice.



  • I've been trying to live with my feed not being in date order. I'm normally happy to embrace change. But this feed ordering is ruining the social side of strava... I'm missing so many important activities from friends and family. Why would I want to see activities I've already seen two weeks ago and given kudos too, above latest activities that have just happened??!

    Please give us the option to sort by date.

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  • The current app feed is so annoying, not intuitive or useful in any way, missing lots of activities. i don't get why there is no setting for this.

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  • I get the merits of condensing a long chronological feed. However, Strava is just joining the many platforms that do it WRONG.

    Want to be innovative? Give user's choice over the matter in their settings. Allow for the option of chronological or algorithms, but more importantly, be transparent with them and let advanced user's create/share their own algorithms/filters!

    PS. If there's a machine learning factor that makes this possibilty less straightforward, throw that in as an optional black box that can be weighted.

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  • I cancelled my subscription because I was fed up with the non-chronological order.  If enough people did the same then they would change it back quickly enough.  Clearly enough people don't feel the same way - so kudos to Strava for sticking with their strategy and not being blown off course.  They know their audience better than we do.  The fact that the date between comments on this are every two weeks demonstrates that it's only a vocal minority that care about this.

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  • They don't care what you want. I too cancelled my subscription. They don't care. I keep hoping I'll see a sort order added some day, but until then I give up trying to find any of my friends activities. I just use it to track my stats. By the way, Garmin Connect does a much better job in this area. #bringbackchronological

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  • There are two strava extensions for chrome, both worthwhile, that you can specify to sort chronologically by default . The best is the Elevate app (previously called StravistiX):

    The 2nd is stravini:

    The Elevate App provides an incredible array of stats. In both apps you can specify the activity sort order. You can also have it remove all the strava announcements, challenges, etc.

    Also note that someone said awhile ago that the important forum for strava is facebook, not here.

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