No notification from specific friends when they post activities


I would like to receive(push/email) notifications from all my friends whenever they post an activity but I don't receive push/email notifications when some of the people I follow (friends) post an activity.


I follow both "X" and "Y"

when "X" add an activity I got a notification your friend "X" posted a new activity

But when "Y" add one I got nothing. But If I go to "Y" profile I can see all his activities so the activity is visible to me

Any idea why this happen

One more thing I am very confused between a person I follow and he follows me back and Friend.

Can you explain the difference and if there is no difference please be consistent and use the same concept and name



  • Same problem for me. Why is this and why no response from support team?

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  • When are we going to find out about this? I only get notified of two people I follow out of the 40 or so in total!!!

    They aren’t even really the people I’d like notifications about either really.

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  • I have been wondering about this for a long time.
    Glad to see it’s not just me. I’ve compared settings to people I get notifications from and people I don’t.....and the settings are identical.

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