ViaFit for Treadmills

Hello all. I recently purchased a treadmill that had the ViaFit application within it, that exports my workouts to the Viafit app automatically through the WiFi. The app allows me to connect my Strava account. That said, the flow of information only seems to go one way. I was hoping that when I completed a workout on the treadmill that it would automatically flow to Strava. It seems only to work the other way, i.e. when I manually add a workout to Strava it ends up on the ViaFit app. 

Does anyone know any work arounds with the ViaFit app where my treadmill workouts would be automatically shared with Strava? 

Thank you in advance!



  • Ditto. Created a ViaFit account on stationary bike at gym in the hopes that those workouts would flow to my strava account, no deal..


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