Deleted activity still there

I deleted a run but it still appears in my activity feed and in my training log. When I click on it to try to edit or delete it again it says 'activity not found', yet it's still there. Does it just take a while to update? Is there a step that I'm missing?



  • I have the same problem. I chose 'delete activity' in the detail view, but find that it still appears in my training log and overview. When clicking on it in the Training log an error message comes up saying the activity can't be found. When trying to re-upload it, I can't because it says it is a duplicate of a file that already exists. What to do?

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  • Similar error here -- attempting to upload an activity after it has been deleted online gives the "activity already exists" error.  The deleted activity does not show up in my training log or calendar.

    評論操作 永久連結