Wrong units in work display

I like the clean-looking new stats summary when I view a ride in the Android app. But unfortunately there's a goof that bugs me to no end. Total work shows units of watts (W), whereas it should be kilojoules (kJ). When you click on "View Analysis" to see more details, it's almost right. At the bottom of "Power Zones" we see a box labeled "Kilojoules," but next to the number there's that darn "W" again!

Please do fix this one (also presumably in the iPhone app). I won't get one wink of sleep until you do.



  • Thanks for pointing this out, Nick. I'll work with our engineers on this! 

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  • Yes it's on the iPhone app and it bugs me too.  (I also like to new stats summary.)

    It's not clear what this number is supposed to mean.  If it is supposed to be the Joule equivalent of the Calories then the conversion factor is wrong.  For example,m a ride today showed Calories 921 cal/Total Work 926 W (sic).  But as there are 4.18 Joule/calorie that doesn't make sense.

    Furthermore, it's not obvious where that number comes from (I don't have a power meter).  My ride today had a height gain of 654 m, my mass is 64 kg so assuming a massless bike (dreams are free) the work I did was at least 654 x 9.8 x 64 = 410 kJoule.  This is equivalent to 98 kcalorie.  

    It's not disturbing my sleep and barely detract from a great app.  

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  • Some software "engineer" should be hanging their head in shame.

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