Not synchronizing with Android Wear

I have a Sony Smartwatch 3 and Strava installed on both phone and watch.

It works to record the training session on my watch, but data is never transmitted to phone from watch when I get home. Other similar apps, like Google Fit, work fine. But for some reason I can't solve this. 

I have rebooted and reinstalled multiple times.

Please help.



  • I have the same problem! We have also the same watch. :(

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  • I have exactly the same issue, synchronizing is not working anymore on my android phone with the activity registered on my Sony Smartwatch. Any help, please?

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  • Found the solution in another thread. Newer versions from Strava are not longer supported for Sony Smartwatch 3. Doing the following worked for me:

    1-Remove the app from your phone

    2-Stop the auto update for apps from your phone

    3-Go to this link:

    4- Download version v10.0.0 in your phone

    5-Sync the apps with your Sony Smart3

    Good luck!

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  • Thanks for your help.
    Have you tried this? Did it work för you?

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  • Yes it worked for me. I am using the app again with the watch and links to my phone afterwards. 👍

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