Beacon Needs Fewer Taps

First, I really like the Beacon feature. There are hundreds of ways to share location on a smart phone, but I only ever want to do it while I am riding, so it is convenient having the feature integrated into Strava. However, it is only BARELY more convenient than using a second app.

To use Beacon, I must click "Send Beacon Text", tap to select the messaging app I want to use, then click "Send". That is 3 taps in addition to starting my activity. That's a lot of tapping for something I want to do everytime I start an activity. The feature is less effective as a safety feature if I can forget to send it.

The default behavior should be to send the message to my preconfigured contacts UNLESS I tell it not to. This should be a zero-click feature, or one click, at most.

I am a mobile app developer, so I know this would be a trivial change to implement. And, it would dramatically improve the UX.



  • Thanks for your feedback, Tom! 

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