Improving the gear section, multiple wheelsets etc

I would like it a lot if you could change the cycling gear section a bit, which I love because I like tracking all of the miles on various components especially on my commuter bike. Can you make it to where you can have 2 or more wheels, rotors (where applicable), tires and cassette for each bike and still track the total miles on these components without retiring them? I was thinking like a sub-category under each bike showing the default/current set-up that you can choose for each bike whenever necessary because I have 2 wheel sets for my fast bike complete with tires and a cassette and I occasionally swap them back and forth as well as several sets of tires for the commuter for various conditions. I know that a lot of racers do this as well so I think that it would be well received community wide.

Folks, chime in and share your thoughts on this as well as your ideas/suggestions and maybe Strava will be so kind as to incorporate this improvement