The new Android app redesign makes it much less usable for analyzing activity segments

Today I've noticed a new completely redesigned activity details view in Android app. In my opinion the redesign has made the app less usable, especially for someone who does activities in wilderness. Let me clarify.

The previous version of the app showed all activity segments on a single map overlaid on top of the activity route. Looking at that I could quickly see all matched segments in one compact view, and what is more important, I could see where those segments were during my run.

The redesigned app shows all segments in a flat list, which isn't compact - there is a lot of redundant white space and only about 7 segments fit on my phone screen. That is a problem by itself if you've had a long run or ride that matched a lot of segments. But what it worse the map that showed all segments on the route is gone. You have to click on each segment separately to see its details where the segment is shown on its own without any reference to the activity route. And if your activity happened to be in a wilderness you often see just the segment red outline in a middle of nowhere - basically just a solid green rectangle with no details whatsoever. You can't tell where that segment is and where it was on your route.

Please bring the activity segments overview map back!



  • I really don't like the new design layout, much preferred the previous look, a retrograde step, if it doesn't change back I'm considering just using garmin and ditching strava.

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  • I'll still use strava, but with my subscription renewal coming up real soon, I have to see if it's worth paying for screens I can't use and buttons I don't need to press.

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  • sorry strava, you've lost my support, I'm not even interested in the free trial, I run and occasionally cycle, if you introduced a sliding scale based on usage I might be interested, and judging from other comments, your new product is not worth paying for, bye bye

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