Recent update has too many touches to change privacy settings. Bring back the "make activity private" checkbox.

The recent app update incorporating changes for privacy settings is a terrible change when adjusting privacy settings when editing or saving an activity. The previous version only required a single tap of a checkbox to make an activity private.

This action now involves 3 touches to achieve the same result (change from the default setting to a private activity). 1) Change privacy settings (opens a new window with privacy options). 2) Select privacy setting. 3) Touch "OK" to save. A real fail for user experience when what previously took a single touch, now takes 3 touches.

A better implementation would be a drop down menu (with just the Everyone, Followers, Private text options, and get rid of the unnecessary long-winded explanations) where selection of the desired setting instantly selects and closes the drop down menu, updating the desired setting in 2 touches.

An even better implementation would be the above, but also including a "Make activity private" checkbox, bringing back the single touch to make an activity private.



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