Recent Change to Mobile Activity Stats - No longer have Overlay, Displays are virtually useless

A recent change to the Android mobile App has seriously degraded the usefulness of data. See the new pace screen from a workout I did recently. Pretty useful info on where I was running different paces right? NOT.



As a runner, I want to be able to see what pace I was running at during different parts of the workout. The change and lack of fineness is so bad, you can not tell any idea of what I was running, except the workout sections were somewhere under 5:00. This is useless. Why would someone do this? 

In addition, I can no longer overlay heart rate data or grade with pace. Pretty useful info missing. There has also been an extra step added to see data: you now have some general summary info when you click on the workout and need to click view analysis to see pace chart, etc. Not that the pace chart is really useful anymore. I don't really get why this extra step was added with info in different places, verses the clean style it had previously with everything shown, but I'm more concerned that the charts are now virtually useless to me.

Perhaps Strava can look into addressing this?



  • Pretty frustrated, I hope I didn't come across as mean to the Strava Gods

  • Thanks for the feedback, Christian. I'll pass this along to our Product Managers. 

  • Jess,

    Grrr.. It got changed back today at some point, then returned to the new format that is useless. Old version pace screen was full screen with fine gradations to tell what you were running. You could overlay heart rate and grade data. Useful data. New version is this tiny chart that doesn't tell you anything.

    Do you use the app? Can you provide a contact I can call or email?



  • Hi Christian, 

    You can contact our team here

  • I submitted the same (though, as a cyclist) and got ticket *1197752.

    I got a reply 'thanks for your feedback'; then a 'we review all feedback'; and then a 'how would you rate our support?'.

    The web analysis is stunning - my phone now involves so much scrolling and uneccessary presses I barely look at it anymore, and I don't bother showing interested people...even my kid used see the relationship between a descent and speed etc. Now, with the information all over the place it's just a series of pictures.