Enable "flag activity" feature in strava App

Nowadays, keeping a running CR on a segment which is often visited by cyclist is almost impossible as many user use register their cycling activities under the wrong activity type. 

As segments are a good part of the fun on Strava, it's important that the leaderboard is fairly managed. The community has a responsibility for that by flagging the incorrectly registered activities such that they are corrected by their owners (cf. the flagging policy on this site). This feature being enabled on the website only, it makes it very tedious for those who use Strava app to notify the wrong activities.

Therefore, could you make this feature available on the mobile app as well please?




  • We need this please!

  • And athlete flag. Around here one had +100 rides as run. 

    I’m flagging them, but get the feature unable due to several flags given. 

  • Rather frustrating this isn't enabled. The number of people who forget to end their run before getting on the bus or back in their car is mind boggling.

  • I agree. Please add the flag option to the mobile ap.

  • How is this still not a capability in the app?

  • Seems like the dev team doesn't care as long as there is people paying for premium. I'm not one of them until this is fixed along with a MUCH better system of auto flagging impossible rides.