Veteran Strava user, new ebike rider.

So I have a new MTB an eMTB and I love it. I've been using Strava for years, cycling, running, hiking, swimming even for a stroll to the shop and have found Strava to be useful and fun using it to compete against my friends and enemies. I've flagged and been flagged and gone through the torment of someone taking my crown. But as I return to Strava once again this time riding an eMTB I find it frustrating that my new embt achievements don't get their own segments, is this going to be rectified and embt gets its own place on Strava? I'd like to compete against myself and friends in a whole new discipline without upsetting the anti ebike snowfakes. Please sort this out.



  • Strava needs to use the same segments for both normal bikes and e-bikes, with different leaderboards. It's frustrating when the segments I usually ride with a normal bike aren't available when riding an e-bike. And re-creating all those segments for ebikes is a real PITA.

  • You just have to create the segments for e-bikes. It wouldn't make sense to just copy all of the existing bike segments because e-bikes are not legal in a lot of places other regular bikes are legal. You would be automatically creating a bunch of segments people could not legally ride with an e-bike.

  • Well, at least it should be easier for us to create e-bike segments. I created a lot of segments for normal bikes over the last year's and it would be nice to add an option to make them compatible with e-bikes, like Trailforks website. So I don't have to ride these segments again with an e-bike to be able to add them, which isn't always possible.

    And there is no segment explorer for e-bikes, so annoying...

  • I don't want to recreate all of our segments for my ebike. Please find a way to use same segments!!!

  • I guess I am a little confused about your last comment. If it "isn't always possible" to ride a segment with an e-bike to create the segment, then why would you want the segment there for e-bikes? Seems like the segment being there for e-bikes only does you any good if you are able to ride your e-bike on it in the first place.

  • Jason, ebike access is only a problem in USA, to the best of my knowledge.  I don't know of any other country that restricts access to ebikes.  Admittedly, I only have experience in France, UK, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

    So, one way makes sense in USA, the opposite in rest-of-world.

  • Jason is right.

    bicycles, EU-Pedelec, US-Pedelec, S-Pedelec are 4 different types of vehicles, meeting different traffic laws.

    The eBike category needs much improvement. 

    Once an eBike, always an eBike, I'm ready and I do create many hundreds of new eBike segments, I would prefer to do the same for eBike subcategories like EU-Pedelec, US-Pedelec, S-Pedelec.

    Yes Sally, it's a lot of work but higher segments quality then.  

  • Not possible to copy segments to e-bike category and live segments not supported makes me just log as normal rides when I want to see segment times and compare. 

    Strava is pissing off users not taking this category serious.

  • Hakon - So because there is something with the program that you don't like, you intentionally cause issues for the other users by logging e-bike rides as regular rides?