Can estimated best efforts be made clickable?

When I’ve done a run and Strava kindly tells me of my best effort, it’d be lovely to be able to see it plotted on a map. Could it not be a clickable link rather than us having to guess where on our runs we’ve achieved the best bit or it?



  • great idea

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  • Also, it's mind bogglingly frustrating that some best efforts are listed and shown in an activity but can't be seen in your best efforts list.  

    Example: Best 2-mile best effort exists but is not shown in your Profile stats list, so you have no idea how to go back and see when it was.  I recently got a medal in an activity saying I got my 3rd best "2 mile" effort.  That's great, but it's going to make me want to look up my 1st and 2nd best efforts... guess what, there is NO WAY TO DO THIS.

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  • I totally agree. It would be so great if you could see that list!

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