Temperature missing


In 2017 fall I bought a Garmin 2D Charlie, an aviation version of Fênix 5X. All worked fine, but somewhere between 11/29/2017 and 12/01/2017 the temperature during my running graphs were no longer there. 

Some friends that own the Fenix 5 didn’t had same issue. Friends with D2, in other hand, all missed temperature data. The file is the same, Garmin system still shows it. 

So, probably is only matter of “turn it on” to D2 Charlie users. Or, maybe not?



  • I use a Garmin Instinct w/ a Tempe to record temperature data for various activities types (Running, biking, etc.).  I have noticed a lack of temperature plots on Strava for random activities.  Sometimes the temperature shows up in the analytics plots and sometimes it doesn't' for the same activity type (e.g. running).  In all cases the temperature data exists in Garmin Connect for the same activity.  

    I have exported a gpx from Strava for an activity that was missing the temperature plot and was surprised to see that temperature data existed when examined in a text editor.

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