Still errors on building routes

I've seen several comments on this and always the excuse seems to be that it's in beta, but now it's June 2019 and it's still doing this. I tried to build a cycling route from Tulsa, Ok to Boulder, Co and it's unable to do this. I'm a new user to Strava and I'm NOT impressed.




  • The route builder seems to be getting worse. Over the last few weeks I've tried to use it to build routes in the UK and in the French Alps. Rather than sticking to roads, it it is routing via tracks, such as when it tried to send me down a mountain bike trail. It never used to do this.

    Alongside the fact that the GPX uploader has never worked, it is starting to be clear that Strava isn't a good place to plan and store your routes. Its a shame because the integration with veloviewer is superb.

    I'd much rather you focus on sorting these basics out than the gimmicky-but-useless mobile swiping route planner thing.

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