For the love of god Strava...

I recently decided to get serious with running.
So I bought a smartwatch. An Apple Watch Series 4. Which works GREAT!

But.... My problems are (not related to the watch itself): 

  1. The Strava Apple Watch app does NOT include cadence.
  2. The Apple Training app does include cadence which is all nice BUT... Instead... The elevation gets off when transfering the data to strava.

    (I use an app called HealthFit to export my workouts from the Apple Training app so that I can then upload it to Strava. Because I want to be able to keep an eye on my cadence during runs.)


You are one of the most recommended and biggest training app/community.

Could you please for the love of god make the apple watch app include cadence? 
And... My barometric elevation data is ignored!? because the data exported using HealthFit is probably missing a device ID?

Why is that even a necessary thing? I want to have accurate elevation and not some database recalculated crap AND cadence... It seems now that I have to choose between them since there is obviously no way to have them both...

Really dissapointed in this... And I would hate to have to use any other app or community than Strava since I really like it and i have lot of friends using it aswell..




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