Stride Length could be added to running activity plot, along with cadence.

Please could we have stride length shown on the activity graphs?

In running, pace = min/mile or min/km.  Speed is normally given as mph or km/hour but can also be shown as metres(UK) or meters(US)/minute.  Metres(meters)/minute = stride length (metres/meters) x cadence (strides/min UK = steps/minute US). The elite male runners have a stride length of up to 2.0m whereas beginners would be half that value, which is the distance of one stride/step of one leg. We have the cadence and pace shown on the Strava activity graph. Why not stride length as well? To get the fastest speed, we must increase either stride length and/or cadence. It is calculated simply by dividing speed (metres/min) by the cadence (strides = steps/min). It doesn't require anything extra. I calculate it myself and it is also shown on Garmin Connect for free, but it would be so convenient to have it shown on activities on Strava, Useful also on individual laps as well as over a whole run.



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