I have one question or more like suggestion for measuring elevation in sport activities.
This question I was wonder becouse when I ride with my friend who uses example Garmin 920xt watch with barometric altimeter, on his ride there is elevation always for about 20% lower then mine with only phone app Strava.
I was thinking if it would be possible and why you dont do this:
- You have a lot of data of all the runners, ciclysts in their activities
- A lot of them example cycle on the same route
- A lot of them wear sports watch like Garmin, Polar, Suunto,... with barometric altitude measuring (which is more accurate then phone GPS I think)
Now here is question or suggestion:
1. why Strava not use all this (their) data and calculate average elevation (from barometric altimeters data and GPS) for riders who uses only Strava on the phone but on the same route as they were before (people who uses barometric altitude meter and send their results to Strava)?
2. And one more thing: it would be nice if in Route planner it would calculate estimated time on my results including elevation from my rides not just distance, time and avg. speed (maybe even it could use average inclination I ride)?

These are just suggestions I think about them for some time :-)

Thank you for any kind of answer.

Kind regards