Add weather condition emoji

I know there are other threads regarding weather conditions. But I'd like to believe this is different (I haven't been able to read ALL the ideas and comments, so please forgive me if this has been requested already)

The idea is to have the ability to quickly select different weather conditions from your activity. Just like when have an afternoon or morning activity if you could do a quick edit and instead of the usual "Morning Ride" it could be "Morning Ride - in very cold conditions" after selecting the cold option.

This is might be a quick easy indication to include instead of integrating with official weather forecasts. It also tells me what conditions I got PB's in as I can't remember every activity.

Some of the weather condition templates:

Hot, Very HOT, Calm, Cold, Very COLD, Headwind, Tailwind, Snow, Galeforce, Storm, Rain, Drizzle......

ADDED feature: once you select one of these weather conditions the background of your activity could change to match the conditions. 



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