Strava bike ID for buying, selling, lending and keeping records of bicycles

I'd like bicycles to have unique Strava profiles, so that if I buy a bicycle I can buy it with its history.  Buy a new bicycle and the manufacturer could sell it to me with a serial number and Strava profile, and complete list of parts.  When I sell a bicycle I can sell it with its history, when I buy a used bicycle I buy it with its history.  When I borrow a bicycle I can log Km on the bicycle I borrowed, when I lend a bicycle to another Strava user, the borrower can log Km into my bicycle.  This is not just good for tracking bicycles, it also makes Strava stickier, because I will ask anyone who borrows my bike to be a Strava user, and manufacturers create Strava users when they sell a bike with a profile.   There is also the security aspect of it, a used bike with a Strava profile is not stolen, and if my bike is stolen with a Strava profile I can report it as stolen.  I should be able to search for bikes just as I search for Strava users.



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