See you later Strava!

Strava was pretty good and interesting product for a while, but I don't see the value in continuing my subscription. Paying $60 to track how many kms I ran, swam or rode is way overpriced no matter what Strava's USP is. Lots of free apps do the same thing some even better.

I'll miss receiving and giving kudos' but I can live without them. One of the main reasons for canceling is that I can't add distance manually. During winter I ride indoor bikes and loosing all my session data, just so I can add distance manually is ridiculous. I can see in community that this has been requested for years, and it's still not on the roadmap. Sorry Strava that's not how you stay in business and not how you treat long term customers. Oh not to mention the whole ReLive shenanigans... 

All the best!



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