Distinguish between estimated power and actial power in the app

Hi, I guess I always have known the obvious difference between strava estumated power for your rides and the actual power (wind resistence being the biggest impact on power on flat roads of course). Since I have a power meter installed on my bike, I experienced this for myself. Most people don’t have a power meter, so comparing power results among other users is in most cases useless (for example, in the results for segments). This is not a critique on how strava estimates power (I guess it’s better than nothing for most people) nor am I asking for its removal alltogether. But, what makes it frustrating at times, is that there is - like I said - no way to distinguish the estimated figure and an actual one; at least not whithin the app. On the website on an activity page it does say “estimated power” or “power (from a meter)”, but again, on the app it doesn’t My request is thus as follows, please make a clear distinction beteeen the two power figures in the app (both on an activity page as a whole, as on a segment page whithin an activity), because now it only ever say simply “average power”. I hope I made my point clear and someone from strava will make a response. Thanks for reading!


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